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Specializing in the development of comfortable residential complexes, we merge innovative design with top-tier amenities to deliver homes that more than just a residence - they are a lifestyle statement. Reach out today for your dream home.

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Our aims


Riften is a distinguished player in the realm of residential property development in Cyprus. Our projects are more that mere buildings; they serve as the pulsating heart of emerging communities - thriving, inclusive and designed for sustainability. 

 With an unwavering dedication to architectural brilliance, provision of premier amenities, and a customer-centric aproach, we are not simply constructing houses; we are crafting distrinctive lifestyles. 

Our goal is to transform the way people perceive and experience urban living, one exeptional development at a time.

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Our specialization

At Riften, we specialize in creating comfortable and inviting living spaces in Cyprus. Each of our developments is carefully planned with a focus on practical design, modern amenities, and community integration. Our projects are designed to provide a seamless living experience, offering comfort that truly makes a house feel like home.


why choose us

Choosing Riften means investing in a lifestyle, not just a home. We prioritize customer satisfaction and go to extra mile to ensure our residents enjoy a high-quality, comfortable, and sustainable living environment. With our relentless focus on design excellence and quality, we transform buildings into thriving communities and houses into dream homes. 

location benefits

Close the the sea

Experience the joy of seaside living with Riften in Limassol, Cyprus. Our prime locations offer easy access to beatiful beaches, giving you the chance to enjoy refreshing morning walks, peaceful evening strolls, or simly the stunning view right from the comfort of your home.

Vibrant city life

You are always just steps away from the vibrant city life in Limassol. Our convinient locations provide easy access to local shops, exquisite dining options, and bustling nightlife, ensuring you are at the heart of the action while still enjoying a comfortable living environment.

Downtown convinience, minutes away

Our residential complexes are strategically located close to the city center of Limassol, making commuting a breeze and putting you within easy reach of key attractions, services, and business hubs.

Step into your dream space with riften

Ready to exlore confortable living spaces tailored to your taste? Let us turn your dream into reality. We believe everyone deserves a home that enhances their lifestyle. So why wait? Lets start the journey to your dream home together.

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our projects

3d rendering modern dining room and living room with luxury decor
3d rendering loft luxury living room with bookshelf
3d rendering modern dining room and living room with luxury decor
A beautiful shot of a modern house kitchen and dining room
3d rendering scandinavian vintage modern kitchen with dining area